What is island Kitchen design?

Clients white granite side kitchen view

Kitchen islands are perfect for cooking, preparing food, dining, socialising, working, and so much more. They have quickly become the staple of contemporary home design, lending themselves to open plan and multifunctional spaces that have become so important in modern-day life. Whatever size, layout or vibe of your kitchen, an island is the perfect way to enhance the décor and overall atmosphere.

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How we use offcuts of granite and quartz

Granite cut off with fireplace hearth

You will likely have heard of the term ‘offcut’ as it is often used to describe a piece of waste material left behind after cutting a larger piece. For those renovating their homes on a budget, offcuts can be a great way of saving money and saving materials from going to waste. Whether you are looking to create a stunning new granite focal point in your kitchen or modernise your bathroom space with quartz, offcuts can help you transform your space without costing the earth.

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The lifespan of quartz worktops

Four samples of granite

Quartz is one of the most commonly found and sought after minerals on the planet. With a Moh’s hardness rating of 7, it was only a matter of time before manufacturers realised the potential of quartz in people’s homes across the globe. These days we recognise quartz as one of the most popular materials used to create worktops for kitchens and bathrooms, but surprisingly this is a very recent discovery. Quartz has a long and illustrious history which will be briefly exploring in this article.

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